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The National Assembly of Fisac ​​CGIL TU female leaders opened in Rimini. An appointment to discuss problems in the workplace and women's roles in the organization. No ghetto, no complain, but a concrete place of elaboration [...]

The rapid spread of the #meetoo movement had the merit of bringing to the surface a widespread and rooted problem throughout the world of work. What does the trade union do (and what it must do further) to struggle against this problem. [...]

"A legal instrument that, if well exercised, can be of help both workers and customers. The banks, however, have started in guilty late and are trying to circumvent the rules of the Directive. [...]

"We have been used to the virtuality of a currency for a long time. Therefore, the big news of this new financial phenomenon is another: no issuance by a state, nor by a central bank. The only law that determines their listing is the market. [...] "

Bank workers are among the largest consumers of psychotropic drugs. But in the corporate videos, as the Castiglione delle Stiviere's bank branch, the clerks seem happy. The problem in such bad story isn't social media, but Italian sexist subculture [...]

In reconstruction and safety fields, the poor presence of women weighs heavily. The participation of women would help the conservation, protection, protection of the landscape and communities. The truth is that private profit doesn't care at all for human lives [...]

On May the 5th, the fire at the Eco X shed in Pomezia poured dioxins, PM10, Pbc and benzopyrene into the surrounding area. But this is not an isolated story: Lazio risks turning into a new Land of Fires. The commitment of the CGIL [...]

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women this year is marked by the rebellion against the massacre and the wall of silence that hides it. #NotOneWomanLess is the slogan of the demonstration of 26th, which sees the CGIL mobilized with its Chambers of Labour [...]

On 9th October 1963, a landslide of 270 million cubic meters detached from Mount Toc and fell into the artificial lake. There will be about 2,000 deaths, the result of reticence, corruption, interests and cowardice. A lesson to remember today, when we still talk about great construction works [...]

Science is not neutral, all the more so when it becomes the servant of politics, and scientific merits are not enough to wash away the shame of sloth. In forgetful Italy everything is soon forgotten and one soon falls back into fatalism and resignation [...]