Looking for Itaca

My travel stories on the road  

From Italy to Morocco all by land, passing through Ceuta. Morocco is a strange country where in August it's cold at the sea and in the mountains it's 40 degrees [...]

A journey of memory on the Don River and its surroundings, dedicated to my father, young soldier on these banks in 1942. Third consecutive year in Russia by motorhome. In my heart, all my previous trips were preparatory to this, which I had been mulling over for years. [...]

New Year's journey through the forgotten Balkans. A journey to honor a promise, to bring a flower to Vebhia's grave, looking in the snow between Vlasenica and Srebrenica [...]

A long journey to the land of the Sami, between Arctic Russia and Norway. The splendor of the rebel Leningrad, Murmansk and the great north, grinding kilometers from Italy by motorhome [...]

Where are you going, comrade! A trip from Italy to Russia by motorcaravan to see Moscow, the Golden Ring, the splendors of imperial and Soviet Russia, between golden domes and sunflower fields [...]

Dedicated to Greece (Kostantin Kavafis, greek poet) Thermopylae. Honor to those in their own life / they proposed the defense of Thermopylae. / Never straying from duty; / just and upright in all actions, / with pain even and compassion [...]

Allah korusun


Wandering between Turkey, Kurdistan and Georgia. The Near East of the almost uninhabited Turkish highlands and the mountains of the Greater Caucasus [...]

The feast of Saint Sarah the Black in the Camargue, the saint of the gypsies. A show not to be missed. When the Mistral blows in the Camargue, in the sky the clouds disappear and it shows an intense blue that fills the eyes [...]